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Dakota Harvest Bakers has a passion for local artists and their amazing works.  They energize and engage our community and bring richness to our lives!

Thank you to these talented individuals whose works have graced our walls over the years.
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Past Artists

Bernardo Anderson: Photography

Steve Augustin:  Photographer & Visual Artist.  Check out his website at www.mygardencards.com get is cards in our store or stop by River City Jewelers to see a selection.

Mike Bartlette & Aaron Bjerk:  Photography

Lois Bednar: Black & White Photography

Pirjo Berg: Painting

Michele Berlin :  Pastels & Paints

Ted Bibby & Jaakko Putkonen: Photos from Antartica

Sandra Brandt: Photography.

Maryls Brown: Photographs of Ethiopia

Christopher J. Brown: Photography

Dave Bruner: Photography

Ali Buelow: Mixed Media

Sue Burke: Painting

John Cambell / NINE18 Photography: Photography

Raul Consing:  Photographer

Pat Danielson:  Painting, Ink, & Watercolor. 

Development Homes: Paintings

Trey Everett:  “Holy Doodles” Political Cartoons & Sketches

Therese Masters Jacobson and Lynne King: Painting & Photographer

Steve Joslyn:  Photography.

Emma Katka: Photography

Dr. Aaron Kennedy: Atmospheric Photography

Eunice Renee Kuhn: Painting.

Chris Kuster:  Painting & Mixed Media. 

Gary Lindsey: Photography

Rich Lofthus:  Photography.

Tricia and Jamie Lunksi: iLego Photography

Brett Lysne:  Painting & Mixed Media. 

Jane Martinez

Mandel Mertz:  Painting.

Jessica Mongeon:  Paintings of horses and nature scenes.

Karla Nelson:  Painting

Stacie Nelson - Photography

Courtney Olson (Jacob): Painting

Raphael Peralta:  Photography

Jessica Pribula: Paintings

Tanner Pruess:  Painting 

Mark Reeder: Photography

Dyan Rey: Painting.

River Forks Water Color Society

P.E. Simlai: Paintings

Judy Sorum: Stained Glass Mosaics

Katie Sranzmann: Photography

Lillian Stegman: Paintings

Lori Stensland Mondry:  Photography.  Nostalgic Norway.  Her works on display at Brekke Tours.

Carly Swenson: Painting

Kayla Renee Tao: Photography

Janice Tingum: "Harvest Gold"

Maria Thompson: Mixed Media.

Uta Thompson: Photography

Trees By Charlie: Twisted Art

Laura Twedell: Photography

Jackie Uthus’s Pottery

Dave Vorland: Photography

Kim Wilson: Painting.

Beth Wold: Photography.