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When a farm kids becomes and architect and builds things!

With Dakota Harvest® Builders, we explore natural building methods, especially strawbale construction. These forms of building have been around for over a century and are more environmentally sensitive and energy efficient than traditional construction techniques. Can you imagine being able to eventually work directly with a farmer to get the wheat straw from the fields for your home and the grain for the bread flour? We can.

My first project with Dakota Harvest Builders was to design and build the commercial kitchen and retail storefront for Dakota Harvest Bakers. Using my extensive experience in commercial remodeling design, we were able to complete the entire project in five weeks and be open for business. The project aligns with my belief that the owners of homes and buildings should be involved in their construction. This allows them to move into the role of caretaker for their property with a better understanding of how their home or facility operates.
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In addition to traditional commercial design, I have worked with clients to design additions to their homes using traditional wood frame construction and strawbale designs.

I find that natural building techniques such as Earthbag Construction lend themselves to interesting opportunities in the landscape. I was able to design and build the ultimate sandbox for my nieces and nephews in a matter days, proving that natural techniques can be built affordably and fast.
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Designing landscape gardens and decks has been an exciting area of design where we can to work with natural forms and materials.
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Paul D. Holje, AIA, is a Licensed Architect in North Dakota and Minnesota. He graduated from North Dakota State University with his Bachelor of Architecture degree and proceeded to spend a decade working at architecture firms in North Dakota before striking out on his own.

If you have a project involving natural building or retail design, please reach out to us.