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December 2015

Why Knoephla is the best

Guest Post by Jennifer Barnes

The bakery makes a lot of different soups. At least one for each day of the week and every now and then more than one, and which soup gets made each day varies each month. So it would stand to reason that some days we sell out and some days we don’t. Some soups are wildly popular and others not quite so much—though each does have a strong following. However, there is one soup we always sell out of... sometimes by noon or even earlier. That soup is Knoephla.
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New Year, New Blog... Take 3!

by Paul Holje

I started planning the third version of our bakery website about this time last year. I had a vision of scenes from my parent’s farm being featured. The new photos of fields of wheat, corn, and sunflowers are taken around Maddock, North Dakota. I often take for granted that many people do not get the chance to know how the food gets from the farm to the table. George and I will be exploring many food and farm themes to help share a little more about our baking beliefs. Stay tuned for some other ideas we have about teaching you some bread shaping techniques. We encourage you to email us with questions that we can answer in our “Ask The Baker” posts. We will be interviewing our baking teams so that you can meet who creates those tasty breads, soups, sandwiches, and pastries.

I welcome feedback about how we can use our website to make your Dakota Harvest experience better!

Thank you,
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