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Locally Owned... Locally Grown

by George Kelley

When we opened the doors of Dakota Harvest Bakers almost ten years ago, we were committed to using the Northland’s bounty to produce the highest quality baked goods for our customers. This region produces some of the best wheat, sugar, dairy, eggs, honey, and other great products, but we were in the habit of shipping them off to far away markets rather than using them right here at home. The Dakota Harvest vision asked the question, “What would happen if we took took these amazing local products and turned them into the best breads, cookies, cakes, scones, and other baked goods possible?”

We set the goal of sourcing 80% of our ingredients within 200 miles of the bakery. This would serve the double function of both featuring the very best of the region’s agricultural products as well as cutting down the energy impact of transporting our ingredients from long distances. And so, the hunt for local suppliers was on!blogEntryTopper Read Moreā€¦